Welcome to the Quantum Metaverse!



The Photon Project is a collection of 9998 Metaverse Particles NFTs generated using a quantum computer – In other words, with true randomness.

Along with the Particle-specific metadata that determines each particle's properties in the metaverse, each NFT contains a unique quantum determined numerical value inserted into the metadata for use by developers in future applications.

Math is the language that explains the physics of interactions within our universe. We, the Inquisition Force of Researchers, set course to discover the fabric of our Metaverse.

Together, we’ll construct Molecules from Particles, and Items from Molecules to create the framework of Itemization that will become an inventory for our own games and developers across the Metaverse.

The Photon Project is a collection of 9998 NFTs of Metaverse Particles that were assembled using a truly random process – measuring photon spin states.

This project is creating an itemization framework, and an inventory of open source items for use by our platform and developers.

We’re using a quantum computer that measures the “state” of a qubit and generates a binary output (1 or 0). Qubits can be many quantum objects, like a Photon, and initially exist in BOTH states (1 and 0 - spin up and spin down), or superposition. The quantum computer measures the qubit’s state, forcing it into only ONE of the states RANDOMLY.

By measuring Photon spin states using the quantum computer, we generated sequences of 1s and 0s (11010…) that are linked to different traits on our NFTs. Thus, the random states the Photons are in determine the binary output, and finally, the traits that appear on each NFT.

We live-stream and screen-share the process a few times, and have already done so (every 2 days).

The Photon Project designed Particle NFTs that come with 5 Traits. For the first trait, we have 32 different “Elements”. For the second, we have 32 different “Types”. For the third, we have 5 different “Interactions numbers” (0-4 interactions per Particle). For the fourth, we have 32 different “Interaction Types”. And finally, we have a quantum serial number attached to each Particle that serves as the Particle NFT’s ID/index number for open sourcing and use on chain.

The Metadata will contain Particle Element, Type, Interactions, Interaction Types, and Quantum Number. These have different weights/tiers and therefore different rarities. However, rarities do not necessarily mean better for construction.

Yes! There are 1000 presale spots. Each presale spot can purchase 4 Particle NFTs. To win a presale spot, you can purchase it using 50 Particle Points (which can be won from engagement, 10 invites, raffles, and games on stream), boosting, and quantum raffles which occur every 2 days (the quantum computer picks 10 numbers, each member has an assigned number, winners get a presale spot).

We are also now giving our Pioneers and Proctors (first 1000 members in discord) a chance to get listed into the presale by reacting to an event soon in Discord.

There is a limit of 4 NFTs per pre-mint wallet, a total of 4000 NFTs can be sold during the pre-mint.

There will be 600 NFTs reserved for the team, collaborations, use-case demonstrations for the roadmap and giveaways/raffles that will be rewarded to our community.

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