3Commas Trading Bot Review 2023: An Automated Crypto Revolution?


The world of crypto trading has been revolutionized by the advent of trading bots. These automated tools leverage algorithms and automation to execute trades on behalf of users. As crypto markets become more complex, trading bots offer an innovative solution to simplify and optimize trading processes.

Benefits of Trading Bots

Trading bots provide numerous benefits for crypto traders. They excel at executing repetitive tasks quickly and flawlessly, applying profitable trading strategies consistently without emotions. With the ability to trade 24/7, trading bots offer unparalleled flexibility. Additionally, they facilitate backtesting, allowing traders to assess strategy viability against historical data before risking real capital.

The trading bot industry has experienced significant growth, with estimates suggesting that these algorithms handle around $200 million worth of crypto trades daily. While debates persist regarding the compatibility of automation with the ethos of crypto, many argue that trading bots empower individual traders.

3Commas: Features, Benefits, and Limitations


Founded in 2017 during the crypto boom, 3Commas has emerged as a leading bot provider. Developed by CEO Mike Miroshnik, the platform aims to empower investors to build wealth, create freedom, and generate income.

Key Features

  • Smart Trade Tool: Allows traders to use various order types and customize strategies for each crypto pair or market situation.
  • Portfolio Management Tools: Monitor portfolio and trading performance across exchanges.
  • Automated Trading Bots: Execute trades 24/7 based on customized parameters and strategies.
  • Triggers and Alerts: Monitor the market and automatically enter/exit trades at pre-set levels.
  • DCA Bots: Implement dollar-cost averaging through scheduled regular crypto purchases.
  • Exchange Integration: Binance, Bittrex, Coinbase Pro, Bitstamp, and Kraken.
  • Paper Trading: Experiment with bots risk-free using virtual funds.


While 3Commas delivers a comprehensive suite of tools, it is not foolproof. Poorly designed strategies can lead to losses, and the platform has faced criticism regarding recurring payment issues. Nevertheless, its versatility positions it as a frontrunner among crypto trading bots.

Comparative Analysis with Other Trading Bots

3Commas compares favorably with other trading bots, striking a balance between usability and advanced functionality.

  • Cryptohopper: Focuses more on social trading and mirroring strategies.
  • Pionex: Specializes in crypto grid trading with aggregator service.
  • Bitsgap: Leading arbitrage bot with excellent portfolio management.
  • Shrimpy: Pure portfolio automation for periodic rebalancing.
  • TradeSanta: Close competitor to 3Commas with more technical indicator options.

While competitors may excel in certain areas, 3Commas provides a well-rounded package with extensive exchange integration, backtesting capabilities, and customizable bots.

How 3Commas Works: Setting Up Your Account

Setting up a 3Commas account is straightforward:

  1. Sign Up: Visit 3commas.io and complete the sign-up process.
  2. Connect Exchange: Link your preferred exchange via API.
  3. Fund Account: Deposit crypto into your exchange account.
  4. Create Bot: Customize your trading bot based on preferred options and indicators.

Utilize the range of tools 3Commas offers to maximize the profitability of your trading algorithms.

Pros and Cons of Automation in Crypto Trading


  • Grants 24/7 trading without monitoring.
  • Removes psychological biases for consistent strategy application.
  • Allows the use of complex algorithms beyond human capability.
  • Saves time through process automation.


  • Potential losses if strategies are flawed.
  • Risk of over-optimization and curve-fitting in backtests.
  • Vulnerability to technological dependencies and platform failures.

Automation has sparked debates around ethical transparency and oversight, but when used prudently, it offers significant advantages.

3Commas Trading Strategies: Maximizing Profits and Minimizing Risks

Four key tips to maximize success:

  1. Utilize Stop Losses and Take Profit Levels: Crucial for sustaining profits and limiting downside.
  2. Combine Indicators for Confluence: Improve accuracy by using multiple indicators together.
  3. Diversify Your Trading: Hedge against market fluctuations by maintaining bots across various pairs.
  4. Measure Performance Rigorously: Track metrics like risk-reward ratios and win rates, identifying and removing underperforming bots promptly.

3Commas allows experimentation to continually refine strategies until an edge is found, but persistent metrics analysis and risk management are essential.

Backtesting and Paper Trading: Testing Before Going Live

Backtesting and paper trading are essential steps before live deployment:

  • Backtesting: Evaluate strategy performance against historical data.
  • Paper Trading: Trade with virtual funds in real-time to gauge performance.

Both methods provide an objective snapshot of a strategy’s strengths and weaknesses, allowing traders to validate, refine, and practice automated strategies extensively.

Integrating 3Commas with Your Exchange: Tips and Tricks

Tips for seamless integration:

  • Ensure API connectivity and permissions.
  • Be aware of API call limits to avoid breaches.
  • Generate a new API key exclusively for 3Commas for enhanced security.
  • Start with the minimum amount possible when live trading newly created bots.
  • Focus on setting clear rules around API usage for technical and risk management.

Prudent integration enables traders to unlock the full potential of 3Commas in harmony with their chosen exchanges.

3Commas Pricing Plans: Which One is Right for You?

3Commas offers four subscription packages based on needs and trading activity:

  1. Free Plan: Testing bots with limited functionality ($0).
  2. Starter: New traders learning the ropes ($14.50/month).
  3. Advanced: Serious traders desiring multi-bot strategies ($24.50/month).
  4. Pro: Professional algorithmic traders ($49.50/month).

Consider trading volumes and strategy complexity when selecting a suitable plan.

Security and Privacy: Protecting Your Assets and Data

3Commas employs various security controls:

  • Data encryption using TLS and HTTPS protocols.
  • Two-factor authentication.
  • Restricted withdrawal address whitelisting.
  • IP tracking, geo-blocking, and activity monitoring.
  • Cold storage of API keys in an offline environment.

Users must also follow best practices, such as avoiding password reuse and monitoring account activity diligently.

User Reviews and Feedback: What Do Traders Say About 3Commas?

3Commas maintains an impressive 4.7 out of 5 stars across various consumer sites. Positive feedback highlights beginner-friendly templates, smooth exchange integration, solid customer support, and an intuitive user interface. Constructive criticism involves occasional payment gateway failures and rare negative experiences attributed to market shifts.

Overall, trader sentiment toward 3Commas remains positive, indicative of its versatility and well-rounded offerings.


3Commas stands as a bridge between accessible trading automation and advanced functionality. Whether for new entrants or seasoned traders, it offers a compelling value proposition with seamless connectivity, customizable bots, and versatile order types.

While automation is powerful, human oversight and risk management are imperative. With prudent strategies balanced with measured automation, traders can effectively harness 3Commas to explore new frontiers in crypto trading.

Afterword: Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does 3Commas work with all exchanges?
    • 3Commas has API integration with top exchanges and continues to expand connectivity.
  1. Can I automate my portfolio across exchanges?
    • Yes, 3Commas supports centralized portfolio management across multiple exchanges.
  2. Do I need coding skills to set up bots?
    • No coding is required; the platform provides premade templates for easy bot configuration.
  3. How is 3Commas different from other trading bots?
    • 3Commas offers high exchange connectivity, backtesting capabilities, user support, and an all-in-one package not found in niche competitors.
  4. Does copy trading or mirroring strategies exist?
    • Currently no, but traders can analyze and learn from top-performing public bots in the 3Commas marketplace.
  5. Can I trade stocks or forex using 3Commas?
    • No, the platform focuses exclusively on cryptocurrency trading.


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